Interior Design

Interior Design

Have you ever renovated or remodeled your home on your own? Or dreamed of doing so? If you’re like me, you’ve thought of a million ideas, from new kitchen countertops to new wall color to new flooring. Maybe you even add a few new throw pillows or artwork.

These actions brighten your home, or make it cozier, or make it feel fresher and different. And these are things you can absolutely do on your own and it feels amazing!

But (and if you’ve done home improvement projects, you’ll be nodding your head), it also comes with feelings of…

• Where do I even start?
• What are all of my options?
• Are these decisions wise?
• Will this turn out the way I hope it will?

I recently renovated and moved to a new house, and let me tell you—I was struck by how stuck I felt. I had all these feelings I listed above. And then I hired an interior designer.

I never would have thought about removing walls. Would I have thought about the small details, like outlet covers or heating grates? Would rearranging the kitchen be more conducive to the way I cook? Do I need extra storage for certain things? It wasn’t until I was asked questions about what I wanted to experience visually and physically that my vision became clear and I started to know precisely what my home should look like.

Interior designers are experts. They’ve studied their craft. They have experience. They know how to guide people. They know the options available. Their job is to see that you are a satisfied customer.

Life coaches can help you in the same way.

Just as you could do home improvements on your own, you can do life improvements on your own. You can change your diet. You can start saving money. You can ask for a raise. These things can absolutely be positive steps in your life.

But imagine you have an expert to help you, such as a life coach. An expert in their field. Someone who has studied their craft. Someone who guides people and can show you the options available. Someone to ask you what you want to experience and help you clarify your vision and design your plan. Just like creating a new structure, life coaches can help you to think about new ways of being; to help your brain begin working in new ways. And you’ll have someone to stand by you and help you get it done.

If you want to make changes, such as new paint or a new throw pillow, you definitely should! It feels good and it’s easy to do.

But if you want to transform your home, you should consider consulting the experts.

What change would you make to bring you peace?

A week ago, I posted the question, “What’s the one change you could make that would give you more peace and calm?” I want to dive a little deeper so that you can understand the importance of this question.

Think about today. Did you wake up thinking about all the tasks you need to accomplish today? You have to get the laundry done, pay a few bills, get that project done at work, return phone calls and emails, check your kids’ homework… the list goes on and on. When do you get to be in the moment? When do you get to spend time focusing on joy? Or when do you have time to think about your goals and dreams?

Most of us live a very busy and reactive lifestyle. This keeps our sympathetic nervous system—also known as fight or flight—always on.  Research shows this causes disease in our bodies, including anxiety and high blood pressure. We constantly feel overwhelmed and stressed. Instead of being able to plan or set goals, or to sit back and enjoy the present, we’re continually reacting to immediate issues and forced into a survival mindset instead of a thriving mindset.

Wouldn’t it be great to consciously switch to our parasympathetic system—also known as rest and digest—for a sense of peace and calm? Wouldn’t you rather have a holistic sense of being?

I like to take time out of my busy life to slow down and get plugged back into my well being by sitting in a field with my horses. Few experiences give me that sense of peace and calm. This allows me to feel like I am living a life worth living.

What change would you make to bring you peace?