The Benefits of Book Clubs

If you find yourself always searching for a new book from the same authors, the same section of the bookstore, or rereading your favorites off your shelf at home, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that, but you might be missing out on some amazing reads. Consider joining a book club as one of your 2017 New Year’s resolutions. Book clubs expose you to reading material you may not have read otherwise, which gives you the opportunity to expand your mind and experience new authors, new genres, and new ideas.

Besides giving yourself exposure to new books, adding a community aspect to an otherwise solitary activity allows you to learn about others’ experiences and how they look at the world because of those experiences. Maybe you cheered Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester on throughout the novel, but another person had an interesting reason not to. Or maybe you absolutely hate a book that someone absolutely loves. Listening to others’ differing viewpoints gives you a chance to think critically, strengthen or reconsider your viewpoint, and it’s just kind of fun! Regularly getting together with a great group of people talking about books can be a blast—add some food and wine and let yourself have fun and laugh together.

My last book club selection was The 5 Languages of Love by Dr. Gary Chapman. I would highly recommend it; it could save your relationships or make the good ones even better. Dr. Chapman tells us that everyone has a “love tank” and many people have empty love tanks because they don’t know how to express how they feel about each other in ways that the other person understands. This is because everyone has a preferred Love Language, and you need to figure out what yours is, and what others’ are, in order to effectively communicate how you care for and love each other. Dr. Chapman says that love is a choice; find your partner’s love language style, then choose to show love to your partner in that way. I now use this book as a guide to all my other relationships and clients. Our next book is Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer.

So, how do you join a book club? Here are a few ideas:

  • Start your own by inviting friends, relatives, neighbors, or co-workers.
  • Ask around! I bet at least a couple people you know are in a book club.
  • Check out your local library’s website and see if they have any book clubs available to join.
  • Try and search for book clubs in your area.
  • Take a look at and find an online book club!

Are you already involved in a book club? Share your experiences in the comments section of this post!